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~~Melting into Chinese romance~~ [entries|friends|calendar]
Trixie ~~ the Wonder Pixie

The Diary of Dark Arts
Cornish Pixie
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[04 Sep 2003|06:27pm]
[ mood | restless ]

Heh, todays pretty good. Um.. was made to stand outside the class for not bring my art piece, which is a better choice as mine is so VERY incomplete and the deadline is tomorrow, so im better off outside. Standing outside can be quite fun, i know, its kinda sick, but yes! We love that. Being optimistic:D LOL, its fun. But too abd its for only 1 period and we have to take our CA the next period. *sigh* Oh well, English isnt very good, basically, i just filled in a lot of crap, thats what you need to know. *bleagh*

Read this article on the show -

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Heh, todays pretty good. Um.. was made to stand outside the class for not bring my art piece, which is a better choice as mine is so VERY incomplete and the deadline is tomorrow, so im better off outside. Standing outside can be quite fun, i know, its kinda sick, but yes! We love that. Being optimistic:D LOL, its fun. But too abd its for only 1 period and we have to take our CA the next period. *sigh* Oh well, English isnt very good, basically, i just filled in a lot of crap, thats what you need to know. *bleagh*

Read this article on the show - <Turn left, Turn right>. I think im going to buy the VCD, It sounds good, really. I would type the article out:D Ok, being crazy. Hafta study for science. All about sex. Thats common sense?! Hehe.
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[03 Sep 2003|10:24pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Oh yes!
I finally remembered where i left my original brochure! Grr..i know, im just as forgetful. I say just as. LOL, ignore me. Well, the brochure i did is so ugly as i ddint have time to make a nice one see. I really hope Miss Wong will accept my excuse, or explanation.

Oh anyway, Gym wasnt very fun today. See Elf's Journal for more details, im too lazy to type it. And its so late now. *dies* We have an English CA tomorrow. Oh well, sleep tight and pleasant dreams to all!

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[02 Sep 2003|03:44pm]
[ mood | touched ]

Dear Diary,

I felt calmer now and was realizing that im no more in position for both Chinese and Math. That is another major blow to me- but minor to others. Others might even feel happy that its one down for them . *sigh* I just couldnt help but feeling upset. Sometimes i just felt im very weak, when it comes to academics. Maybe thats the reason why for the past primary school years, teachers have always commented that i have the potential but dont know where to develop and was always losing confidence each time i suffer a blow. I was young then and iw as lucky to have my parents and my cousin there for me,i felt lucky and thus didnt fail to do well in PSLE. Till now, my parents are still with me.We're getting closer than before. But for my cousin, i felt as though we're drifting apart, how i really wish she is here with me, and stay supportive always.

Well, you might think its just a really small matter of losing your position and you will get up on your feet and strive towards my goal again. Well, on the outside, im like that. But deep inside, its rather difficult for me. No one knows. Inside of me, im struggling to shunt all my troubles and thats stressing me. Financial problems, Alicia and Livia problems. But all, i still have my 'sunny disposition' and is always trying to be optimistic.

I was wondering if anyone is born a failure. *sigh* Im not being rational, it may seem to you that im taking this MUCH TOO seriously. Yeah, i ought to. I need to learn my lesson. I shouldnt be too optimistic at all times, saying that i could do better the next time. No, i cant live with that anymore, im taking a leaf from my Dad: I must</i> do well the next time, not only could.

I couldnt believe that Rachel got full marks. I mean yes, i could but what im trying to say is that i couldnt believe that im such a failure. Thats all. I dont cry, i never will.
I will never cry , or surrender even if the whole world will laugh or mock at me, even when im called a loser or a failure, even when no one notices that i existed.
Thats me, i'll get back on my feet after what happened, even if it means crawling my way towards the goal. You know me. i DONT give up. Whatever they say wont put me down, im still working my way out of this and towards what i want. I'll never rest if i prove to everyone that im somehow someone who shine. If no one cared, at least i can proved to myself that im proud of what i have done.

But i'll never forget to please my parents and make them feel honoured.

My cousin just called a moment ago. I thought we somehow has the power of using telepathy. Thats ridiculous. She called and we chat. She's getting on pretty well, im glad of that. She told me that im her confidence, and she hopes that she's mine too. I added that not only she's my source of confidence, she's the greatest cousin one could ever have. We sort of cried over the phone, then we talked about the time where we shared my 'place' [the big patch of grass which spread over a large distance but no one seemed to notice such place existed].I didnt cry, just that tears were dripping gently. I was so touched that we never drift apart, but she's still tehre, like my gaurdian angel. And i believe that we Guard each other, no matter how far apart we are.

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[02 Sep 2003|02:56pm]
[ mood | Discouraged ]

DAMN! I only got 15 for Math. Grr, and i missed my History CA without knowing it. Chinese was 83. Bad. HATE THE WORLD. *starts being cynical* Grr...its all down for me. thought i would score well for Maths, at last, but NO! grr..damn Miss Lio, i know im not supposed to blame her but if you ask me who will come to my mind when i hate something - her.
I doubt even getting the tickets to the mooncake festival would help. #$%^@#$%^&&$##$#%^&*%#$%*(*&GDRA#$BV U()&GG %#E&*
Dammit! Grr. Its a lie if i say im not upset. Gym wouldnt cheer me up, nothing will. I cant wait to see my paper to see whats wrong with my retarded brain. Studying too hard DOESNT PAY! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! MISSING HISTORY TEST ISNT OF MUCH HELP EITHER, JUST SEE THE MARKS FLY AWAY. Cant believe that its only sec. 1 and im so grieved over my marks. I dont care, if thats the case, im gonna study my ass off for the next exam, even if it means receiving mean comments. Whats there to grin about?! Hmph.

Music- Im playing my Piano. It is my way to relieve stress,anger, sadness ,when im happy....its a great way to express your feelings. Infact, im now hitting the keys so hard that i feel as though the whole piano is gonna explode any moment. Go and Die.

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[02 Sep 2003|01:07pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Mums discharged from hospital:D
Baby has to stay in hospital as Dr Ang said she has lung infections,mum prolly pased it on to her, i had asthma. So you see.Its hereditary.[or however you spell that]So we can only get ehr back by Saturdya or Friday:D Glad to see that she's well and everthing, not with tubes. Oh Gosh, thats scary. The first time i saw the baby, i thought her breathing is weird and it produces noise and thus pointed it out to Dad. They realized that too and then asked Dr Ang. [She's really experienced and good,kind,funny ... ...]Ok, and then she concluded that her lung is infected with bacteria. By the time she told my mum, we were already at home as visiting hours is over. Mum called my dad and she was crying,although thats a lil overlooking the matter. Well, Dr And said that the baby was dangerous then, but after putting her in the intensive care unit to observe, she's fine and well now.
Mum called my Godmama and she comforted her. Then she called my aunt. She is devoted to Buddhism and she's a vegetarian and all, clean. We often visit the 'fo tang' and that place is not a temple or what.Really, its just a really peaceful place,located in Malaysia and USA too. Im not gonna ratlle about this as all is indescribable. umhmm.
Okay, so aunt got the whole fo tang and the people at USA to pray for this baby. This is real lucky. And um, my God mama,aunt,and my cousins were kneeling in front of the fo zhu and was reciting the ..the...i dont know whats that called but just take it that they're praying.

I was sick, and am still sick. Dr Ang the Paediatrics attended to me. She said my Asthma hasnt cured completely yet. So she gave me this um..tube thing which i dont know what is this, i think an inhaler. One is a normal one to keep my lungs in normal condition so i dont cough always. Another is used to also protect my lungs and normally used when having Asthma attacks. I have never had one before.Medicla bills expensive, very.

Called Sarah to keep my papers for me. I am anxious to know my results and will call her later. I got an MC! :d:d:d Actually i dont wish to go to school today so thats another reason for my absence. hahaha

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[ mood | indescribable ]

OH MY GOD! My parents just decided to gimme a surprise by buying Stefanie's newest limited edition CD! IM JUST GONNA DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE! OMG, im so happy! Indescribable!
Just take it that i can jump around the whole day and just bounce bounce bounce!

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SCHOOL'S PUTTY [30 Aug 2003|11:18am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Its 11++ now. Yeah, Gym ended at 11 sharp. Damn.
James is suffering from the male version of PMS. And he was such a him-bo. Hehe, Elf taught me that :D

We started the routine with jumps on the mini tramp which sucks a lot. I dont like the mini tramp, its so tiring and so boring, no 'fun' mentioned.

Then we went on the small trampoline, which is rather big though but compared to the big one, its small. LOL, did straight jumps .
Then did sit drop twist sit drop on the big tramp. Its so fun.

We did back-drop and James said i did pretty good :D:D:D:D LOL, *grins like an idiot* Oh well, Jane was such a poor thing. She flipped backwards and supposedly hurt her neck a lil. And James was still screaming and corecting her, he's so harsh. Grr.

Then we were taught to do face drop. hehe, i did a few face drops and as usual, hurt my elbow. But after a few, it doesnt hurt anymore. I suppose i found the correct posture. Mei Ying:" Like that still will pain meh? Haha."

I seem to get the niche[or however you spell or use that] for doing sit drops and the twsit twist thing. But just that i have to stay put, dont travel that is. :D Other than this pathetic mistake, all turned out well and good.

Mei Ying was pointing out that i jump the way Terri does, as Terri's sister has the same name as me. And i actually wonder if we were related as well. :D We were joking around and had fun. Mei Ying is nice, of course.Patricia did the can-can with us too. Till that James decided to scream and spoil our fun. Hmph.

Okay, so now im in our class using the putty. It is ancient i say, It takes os long to actually start and all is *sigh and throws arm* Forget it. But at least this is the best way to spend my time usefully and to wait for my dad who will only come at 11:30. Ooo:D

ARC people are practicing their spech for their presentation for the judges. LOL, its pretty noisy in here, but never mind, let them be.

So heres for now and i dont think i'll be able to update. TV set is getting my attention along with books.So there.

Carrot on door: Oh great, i dont know whats the time now...

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HAPPY TEACHERS DAY [29 Aug 2003|05:21pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Easily guessed, its Teachers day today. We spent the whole school hours hanging around in school and not studying. :D Cool huh?I thought so too.
The prospect of Monday being a holiday cheered me up. Oh Dammit! I cant organize my facts. Never mind, just trace back if you dont understand yeah?

Assembly - massCollapse )


Oh great, that was cool. I didnt expect Red house to get last. And i didnt expect Yellow house tied with Blue,for second. And Green house was first. I expected that. Go Green, Congrats. Shu Ping and Connie said that they want to join Cheerleading next eyar:D So i wont be alone then, they will be there so thats quite alright:D On top of that, Pauline is joining too :D yee ha!


First time meeting Eliza. She was quite differnet from the photos. She's quite fun:D:D:D:D
Cant wait to actually meet her and be friends with her again :P Maybe thats just me, i would like just meet a person 5 minutes ago and starts talking to them like i've known them for long, but i dont usually talk so much. :D:D

Primary school

Reasons why i didnt go back to Primary school.

-I dont feel like it
-Dad doesnt allow as Mum's going into labour this sunday and she might just have stomache anytime and presto! The baby is coming out.
-No purpose to go squeeze with other pupils knowing that the teacher just wouldnt care much
- And the teacher would just be happy with no one to visit ehr so she will be free

Reasons why i wanna go back

- Captains ball match with Primary School friends
- Meet my friends


Thats all for now.

Carrot on door : Busy reading fics and surfing the net for stuff. Brochures? Leave me alone.


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[28 Aug 2003|06:59pm]
Visit the ARC groups webiste!

Heres the link to one, the rest, find under links! Although im not devoted to ARC, but still, they're our good friends, so why not support them?! Go people GO!

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Quizes and more quizes! [28 Aug 2003|04:57pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Maki - "Truly Rare"

What would your Japanese name be? (female)
brought to you by Quizilla

Yoshimi - "Happy Beauty"

What would your Japanese name be? (female)
brought to you by Quizilla

chain holding jack
Good stuff, you are "Wedding? I love
weddings! Drinks all around." You're the
life of the party and nothing gets you down,
not even certain death at the hands of your
zombie nemesis or the Navy. Come to think of
it, realism isn't your strong suit...

Which one of Captain Jack Sparrow's bizarre sayings from Pirates of the Caribbean are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

innocent kiss
innocent kiss - you're cute and sweet and like it
that way

What Sign of Affection Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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LIFE IN SCHOOL TODAY [28 Aug 2003|04:07pm]
[ mood | blah ]

School wasnt as eventful as yesterday. The great news is that Mrs Chua didnt come to bore us today, there's another teacher reliefing her :D That teacher is good, i really wish she would take over mrs Chua for good. Mrs Chua seriously isnt the one for teaching. hmm.

Math CA

Oh it was pretty good! It was more difficult than the previous few. I managed o finish it like long ago and there's people complaining that they cant finish it. *sigh* Thats rather sad. Wanna blame? Blame Miss Lio. Let her scream all she wants before she returns to NTU.
Bleagh, she's so lame. I wanna ask her to mark my neater piece of work but she just refused. Oh well. She seems to think i'm very poor in math. Oh 'scuse me. Wait till she knows me better. Damn woman.


One period of art was taken up for Math CA. And we missed the second period. Elf had to photocopy her art piece while i just followed her as i didnt bring anything. *shh* LOL. I felt so pathetic as i havent started the VERY first layer of the art piece. Bleagh, i dont realy care but i have to compelte it, hmph. We just strolled our way to St Gabriels and Elf photocopied her piece then strolled back. Then after hanging around in the class for like few minutes or so, we went out again. Wanted to walk all teh way to St Raphaels but its not a very good idea so we decided to just turned and went back to class. I cant do anything much as i didnt bring my art piece, so just sat there.


Cheng lao shi said there was something wrong with us today, saying that we took the wrong dosage. LOL, we were overly excited in her lesson as it was CHINESE and its the FIRST period some more. Thats why.


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Today's 27 th August. [27 Aug 2003|06:39pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Oh well, had Home Economics exam today. It was toughie! Grr...cant really remmeber the facts and the whole paper was basically crappy answers. *sigh* really hope i can get more than 18. Which is quite highly impossible. *gulp*
Moving on to better stuff - GYM!

Its not really fun till its 3++ 4. Damn. The cheerleaders from all 4 houses took up half the hall!!! Grr, it amde us so mad, especially me. I mean, if you wanna practice, DONT INTERRUPT Gym. hMM...Actually, we're quite used to sharing the hall with some otehr people, but just that its for cheerleading, where Wai Mun, is there. Its getting on my nerves. She's just so pretentious! She was like pulling my belt lower and lower and i HATED THAT! And i warned: I swear that i'm gonna hit you if you pull it down anymore! She just ignored me and then BLAMED me for hitting her. Damn woman! Grr. Go away. And she is in Green House cheerleading and was VERY proud about it. Its not like she's so great and everything. She merely is in the spotlight, just some cheerleader at the sides, wow! She's so great, yeah right.


Okay, thats one. Next, no one came for gym, but after we set up the tramp, they came. I dont blame them, its good, having a crowd of good friends is good, unlike those experts. Hmm, realized that having a crowd is goood too, but no more pulling if people in, al's enough.

Everything started wrongly. I could do straight jump. DUH! And it goes with jumps jumps and jumps. Next we did Front pike. This is where i felt very discouraged. I cant seem to do it anymore. Because the mat is so high,Elf can do it, she's so good at pikes. I cant do it with a high mat, and Phrav and oethrs just have to elarn front somersault first, so the high mat isnt good for them either:D

Next is the trampoline. Its so sad k. James helped me with my back drop and my neck wasnt tight and stuff and it was like shaking everywhere. James was laughing and trembling and his face was red. God, can you imagine how funny i did. Sarah was laughing ahrd too, i suppose, along with som otehr ppl, me too! LOL, I dont know.Everythings wrong, so very wrong till Mei Ying comes along and taught us the sit drop twist sit drop.

I can do that! :D:D:D:D:D *gringrin* Just have to twist your BoDy. Twisttwisttiwst.
Itwasprettyeasy,yes,mucheasierthantobendyourlegs! Then tried the front pike on the tramp. Didnt really know what it was suposed to be so ummhmm, i tried for 2 times then got it right. God, it was quite scary. I was screaming and the other instructor and along with some otehr cheerleaders turned to look at me *blush* Elf did it corectly! I told you, she's good with pikes.

Then tried face drop and back drop. Back dropw as horrible and i wouldnt wanna try to actually do it, yet. Face drop was fun! Hehe, just excluding the part that your elbows would get bruised. Ack.

So thats for today- Off to eat dinner.

Carrot on door - I feel much better now, lol, i didnt really care about who's boasting or not. LOL, waved at her and thought: Maybe she isnt very bad after all. *soft sigh*

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[26 Aug 2003|04:21pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Did the can-can yesterday with Francoise,Sarah,Joelyn,Phravina and maybe Germaine. She didnt really join in as i though she miht be quite embarassed and maybe she wants to draw a line between the expert can can -ist and her, a formal IJ girl :D But she was grinning away so i suppose she sort of enjoyed it too. can can rocks! recalling the time when my sister's class, or is it the K2 people, did the can can SO WELL! My god, love it. My sister was only 2++ years then. So can tell that my memory isnt VERY good. Oh! My sister did the Japanese dance. Cute! God, i finally remmebered it D:D:D:D *3 cheers*

Miss Wong didnt come again, sigh, felt quite worried and concerend for her now. I kinda grow to like her. She's nice alright. I would seriously doubt the fact that she isnt a least bit nice. She is nice. I admit it. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Mr Yeo came in and almost suffocated us. *fresh air* Mr Yeo puts on a strong perfume which was quite horrible. Ucks! [keep a safe distance like 1 m if you dont wanna faint] Mum hate that kinda perfume so dad doesnt put any, unless it smells really good.:D But Dad smells good anyhow.

Miss Lio came in for PC lesson. Damn woman! *throws muffin at her* She wanted to take the whole period of PC to go through Math , if she does, we'll have 3 periods of MATH and thats killing our rbains.I predict that if we're having Maths at this rate, we'll become retarded by the age of 70 ++. But good thing Mrs Nicholas said she wanted to take our height and weight so *phew * ;*

Stefanie's newest CD came out! I want to have it! There's Clay's CD too!!! MY GOD,I'm going to be broke soon. hmm...but i've been saving. Good. *sigh* there's so many CD's i want! Grr.

Thats all for today. Have to study for Home Econs. Darn. We're ALL not very sure on what chapters will the CA be on, although the etacher said its 5-7 but we all havent learn chapter 7 . argh...

Carrot on the door : Do not disturb- studying. Need some fic to make me relax. Thanks :D
Mood today - Happy AND angry AND tensed

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[23 Aug 2003|02:12pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

Gym was pretty cool today. But Mrs Leong made us leave at 10:30, hey! Thats half an hour early! *bites her* Grr. Cookies with fattening stuf is for her.

I forgot to bring my worksheet to leave it on Miss Lio's table today. Never mind, do it on Monday, since she asked me to do so till i changed it to Saturday. Bleagh.

Back to gym. Mastered the back drop :D:D:D James said i did well. :D:D:D
I managed to do the 'sit-drop twist sit-drop'. Heh, its cool! Its just your eyes have to follow your arms when you twist. And i managed to do a sit drop after the twist even when the distance between the tramp and me is like quite short. LOL but i did it. It was so fun. When your legs will twist automatically! hehe.
Elf can do it too. Just that she needs more practice. Her arms arent very correct i think. Go go go!
Back to last Saturday where James corrected my arm positionCollapse )

Germaine came and she tried out. Hope she will join Gym. James was with that bloody tone warning me to come out of the hole from the tumbling mat. Its straight up and its rolled up so i managed to climb onto it and sat down there. James was so retarded, idiot.
Whats wrong with sitting down there?! !@#$%^&*(@#$%^&*%#$%@#$%^&ytgv hy*&%^#^^dcf&i^*#%tb

We walked past Wai Mun and her friends from cheerleading i suppose. She asked why are we in schoool. We told her that we had Gym [ cant you tell from our T-shirt] and i just walked pass them casually after saying that we just had Gym. Elf and Germaine walked past them too. Wai Mun was exclaiming : Hey Germaine! You're in gym meh?
Germaine replied that she was , now. :D:D:D:D And Elf said something ibefore that i think. Then we all walked pass, its like so cool. Walking pass them as though we didnt care. :D
Its so cool! But Wai Mun is quite proud, but she's okay overall.

And yeah, ask ehr o find her LJ code herself, i need one more urgently then she needs it. Grr.

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[22 Aug 2003|09:01pm]
Was told that Reichen and Chip won the amazing race! :D:D:D
Kinda glad too although i didnt watch. But i found them really cute. LOL.

My god, i need a good background. Something thats related to hogwarts. Or Diagon Alley.
*sigh* I really need to practice using adobe!

Oh found some really cool pictures. Off to read more fics! Fics fics fics. *addicted*
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[22 Aug 2003|04:32pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

[Hey! I want the connecting wire. I wanna upload piccies!]
Grr, damn brother has been keeping it since Daddykins bought it. *bleagh* Whats the problem with him. Forget it.Just took a picture of my house, my room , my closet, my sister and myself. Oh, thats quite a lot. I intend to save them in my putty.

I feel bouncy although period is not gone yet. LOL. I was prolly too tired , and stressed on Wednesday - ART work! *wak* Hate art, especially the papercut stuff.

Its so stuffy here, cant open the window as its so hot and sunny and warm outside. I have to draw the curtains to block the sun out. Thats Singapore- sunny always, tropical. No 4 seasons, but we have really nice wind! Thats what we ♥ .

Yucks, gross! Ants. Its a really funny type one.
Lets see. Its golden or yellow in color except the head,which is black. And it ahs 6 legs (thats not weird, all insects have 6 legs). And its legs are kinda fury, seen from far.
Its small, just like ordinary ants but eww, it looks Gross! eeks!
Its i think sucking the juice of the peach that i just ate. Wow! They have such good sense of smell. haha . lol. I would prefer them just sticking there and not scurrying around. Thats extrmeley freaky! *screamscream*
Enough of all the ants.

History was ,is, will be so boring. Oh my god. Mrs Chua was just in that monotone and she DOESNT explain. I mean yeah, she did,does,will, but we never understood her, maybe a few times but most of the times, we dont. Can say she's just reading out from the book and giving us the correct answers. [i want Mrs Kunna] Oh and that was 2 cookies from Mrs Chua. hehe, one cookie left. But lol, a teacher like her should be given 8 cookies from the beginning and thus we would have enough to minus. ;)

Miss Lio is getting on my nerves. That costs a cookie. So its 2 cookies left. :D

Cheng Lao Shi- the cake

Currypuff- whats thre to take away since its a currypuff for him

Miss Chye- no add no minus

Miss Ng - er...i forgot, is it a minus one or plus one. Or is it none. hmm..i dont know

Miss Wong- add 2 !!! One - we had fun, second- she didnt give us any homework

Thats today :D haha, keeping a record on the cookies they have each day. day by day, Mrs Chua, you're G-O-N-E. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Thats very mean but yes, thats for her. She can just make her lesson a wee bit interesting right. Not always reading, hello? We can read it by ourselves! Good thing she is pregnant. Thats something good as she usually comes in late so its at least we were spared a few minutes of sleepiness.

Joanna slept in class today. Mrs Chua came over and said something, people few desks away from ehr wouldnt know who is she talking to. Mrs Chua is so cunning! 'Jiao hua'. She actually tested to see if Joanna is still awake instead of waking her up immediately. Ack, a witch. Jo was pretty humiliated i think. *sigh* I ate this pill which causes drowsiness and it was weird how i didnt feel sleepy during Mrs Chua's lesson, i was designing my layout.

Talking about layout, i felt so bad,. I didnt know what was all terms about. Like blending and stuff. I guess Elf was pretty irritated by that. :(:(:( I dont mean to not know but it just appears so difficult for me to udnerstand. You see. hmm...

I seriously need some examples. Call me a dummy.

Off to continue reading fics.

Sign on the door : Loaded with homeworks! Urgh. Not again. I usually appreciate homeworks but not today. Teach me how to love homeworks today.

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[21 Aug 2003|06:54pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Felt quite bad about being quite impatient with Gymand James. I dont realy think it was PMS and i dont really experience that. But i admitted it , anyway.
Skipped stretching, wasnt in the mood for some serious stretching.
Skipped moving stuff out, dont feel like it. Maybe thats PMS but urgh.
Backdrop was good! I was exclaiming 'ooh my god' and 'arh' and other stuff. James ask ed me: what am i umbling about. He's from China and thus he wouldnt understand our English as much as we understood his. :s I said : Nah, not talking to you. That soudns mean but i didnt really care. And he is laughing away so yeah, i dont think he cared.
Elf was making me laugh and i asked her if she understood what i was talking and she siad yes. She understood me! hehe.

Then we were laughing , for dont know what reasons. He did something *coughcough* Elf saw it and i was exclaiming, thats why i think.

This isnt a proper journal but thats all i've got to say - at the moment.

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[21 Aug 2003|04:27pm]
Tuesday- Bake for Cheng Lao Shi
Any Friday- stay back to make layout

Is that right ELF?
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[21 Aug 2003|03:52pm]
[ mood | silly ]

The wall paper is SO incredibly nice! OMG. Its SO cool, SO sweet, SO natural, SO peacful and SO ..........*search for bombastic words to describe*

Oh never mind, basically its the make-you-scream kind. hmm.
I want Adobe Photoshop so i can LEARN how to make icons, and backgrounds. Its nice. I want it,i cant wait to download it.

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Not gonna copy the passage [19 Aug 2003|04:25pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Its pretty long and would probably bore you people- even me .


Oh god! Found lots of really cool sites! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! God, *Screamscream**faints*melts*dies*

Oh , i have set up my mind to make a background with some Harry Potter stuff title.! Maybe hogwarts, Its so nice! so.............nice! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.
This post could be rather annoying but yes! I love it. Oooooooooooo. HPHPHPHPHPHPHPHPHPHPHPHP series!

*tries to calm down*

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